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Pets quickly become a part of the family. Therefore, we tend to take them with us wherever we go. Driving with your furry companion is great for two reasons: you always have someone to talk to, and they always let you choose the radio station. But, before comfort and emotional support, we need to make sure that we drive safely with our dogs.

Driving safely with a dog

Driving with dogs can sometimes be like driving with a child. And, to keep your dog safe, many of the same rules apply, as with kids. The two main aspects of driving safely with dogs are to protect them from harm and prevent them from being a distraction.

Keeping dogs safe in car
Dogs are safest in the back seat and restrained with seat belt and a harness.


Dogs in the back seat

As much as you love to have your furry friend sitting next to you in the front seat, your dog is much safer in the back. Just like with small children, in the event that the airbag is activated, this could cause serious harm to your pet. Keeping them in the back seat is much safer for your dog.

Restraining your dog while driving

The absolute safest way to travel with your dog is to have them in a big crate. One where they can move about comfortably but are protected in the event of an accident. If you don’t want the crate, then a harness that allows them to be restrained in the back seat is the next best thing. There are seatbelt laws for a reason, and they apply to your dog as well.

Avoid distractions

A dog that is unrestrained in the vehicle can become a distraction. And, a distracted driver is a dangerous driver. If you are distracted by a hyperactive dog in the vehicle, one that insists on sitting on your lap or jumping from the back to the front and back again, then you are more likely to cause an accident. An accident can cause injuries to you and your pet, as well as, other drivers and pedestrians. Protect yourself, your pets, and others by restraining your pet in the backseat.

Protect your vehicle


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Don’t let your dog stick his head out the window while in motion.

Once you properly restrain your pet in the backseat, make sure to put down a towel to protect your seats. If you have leather seats, the sharp claws of your dog can quickly scratch, crack, or tear your seats. And, be sure to detail your car regularly to get rid of pet hairs and smells.


Keep their furry face inside the vehicle at all times

As cute as it is to see a car driving down the road with a furry face sticking out the window, this practice can be potentially dangerous to your dog. Don’t get us wrong, dogs love to feel the wind in their fur, their tongue hanging out of their mouths, with an expression that says “this is the best time of my life!!!” But, a tiny pebble or other debris whipped off the road by another vehicle can cause serious injuries to your dog. It’s hard to tell them no, because they sure do love it, but it’s for the best. Sorry.

Never leave your dog in a hot car

Driving safely with dogs
If you see a dog left unattended in a hot car, it’s legal in the state of Tennessee to break the window!

Just for good measure, never ever leave your dog unattended in a hot car. Never. Not even if you crack the window and give them water. The Nashville sun can quickly cause the car to overheat, your dog to dehydrate, and lead to the death of your pet. And, if you see a dog waiting unattended in a vehicle, it is legal in the state of Tennessee to break that window to save the dog!

Renew Mobile Detailing is a mobile auto detailing service in Nashville. We come to you wherever and whenever it is convenient. We are professional, courteous, and highly skilled in the art of auto detailing. An interior detailing and ozone treatment can completely remove all signs (and smells) your dog left behind. However, we do not repair cracked and torn interior, so be sure to put down that protective towel before you let your dog get in the car.

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