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Dirty tires are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take good care of your tires. Dirty tires aren’t just unsightly and will depreciate the aesthetics of your favorite vehicle; they can also be dangerous. Leaving your tires unattended for a prolonged period will turn dirty tires into tires suffering from tire dry rot.

Tire dry rot is dangerous

Tire dry rot
Vintage cars that are parked for prolonged periods of time are susceptible to tire dry rot.

We all know the importance of good tires. To increase safety, you need the right tires for your car and for the way you intend to drive your car. But, whatever type of tire you have for your car, truck, or SUV they all need to be well taken care of so they don’t develop tire dry rot. Driving with dry rotted tires can decrease performance and be dangerous.

Causes of tire dry rot

Exposure to the elements is what will cause most things on your car to deteriorate, and your tires are no different. The biggest causes of tire dry rot are ozone and UV exposure. Fortunately, most tire manufacturers are always developing new ways to fight tire dry rot in the manufacturing process. But, you still need to take extra care to give your tires an extra layer of protection. Detailing isn’t only about making your vehicle shiny and new, it’s also about taking precautionary measures to protect your car from damage.

Signs of tire dry rot

You can’t miss a tire that’s suffering from dry rot. Due to lack of care, age, and overexposure to the elements, the rubber will begin to split and crack. Once this happens, your tires have become compromised and may be more likely to cause a blowout or a leak. Either one could leave you stranded on the side of the road, most likely at a time that is extremely inconvenient.

Cars susceptible to tire dry-rot

Auto detailing in Nashville
Detailing your car will help protect your tires against the elements that could cause dry rot.

For car enthusiasts who have vintage, classic, luxury or sports cars that are parked for longer periods of time, watch out for dry rot. Cars that are only taken out on special occasions are particularly susceptible to dry rot because they are parked. Even if you don’t take it for a drive, it’s a good idea to move the car regularly to keep flexing the wheels. Allowing a car to be parked with exposure to sunlight and air can quickly lead to dry rot.

Premium auto detailing, including tires

We are a mobile auto detailing company in Nashville. We travel to your home or place of business and give your cars a premium detailing, including the wheels. Detailing keeps up the value of your car, maintains its good looks, and increases performance and safety.

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