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Detailing your car isn’t just about image, it’s also about safety. Over time, the headlight of a car can become hazy and dull. Hazy headlights reduce visibility and make it more likely for you to get in an accident. Increase safety and reduce the chance of an accident by detailing the exterior of your car and bringing the shine back to your headlights.

Increase safety with auto detailing
Dull, hazy, or yellow headlights can decrease visibility and cause a glare.

Dull headlights are dangerous

Most people don’t even realize that their headlights are compromised. Over time, dirt, chemicals, grime, slime, fumes, smog, and UV exposure will cause your headlights to slowly break down. The more you drive your car, the more quickly your headlights become dull, yellow, and cloudy. Not only does this make your car look bad, but it greatly reduces the amount of light your headlights are producing, and putting you at risk when driving at night.

Hazy headlights reduce visibility

Exposure to the elements of driving can reduce the light output of your headlights significantly. But, deteriorating headlights may also pose a danger to others cars on the road. The tiny particles that build up on your headlights causing the dull appearance will also create a dangerous glare for oncoming traffic. Decreased visibility for you, plus a blinding glare for oncoming traffic is a dangerous combination.

Restoring the shine in our headlights

Exterior auto detailing Nashville
Restore your headlights and increase safety with exterior auto detailing.

Detailing your vehicle will make every part of your car look like new again, including your headlights. Regular detailing will prevent your headlights from every becoming dangerously dulled, providing safety for you and your passengers.

Exterior auto detailing Nashville

We know you don’t have time to take your car in for a detailing on a regular basis. That’s why we offer bi-weekly detailing services right in your own driveway. Yup, we’re a mobile auto detailing company in Nashville. We start with a full detail, and then we maintain your car with bi-weekly hand washes. At the start of each month, we’ll begin again with a full detail.

Sign up for our bi-weekly detailing service anywhere in the greater Nashville area.

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