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How to Care for Tinted Windows?

Good visibility is very important during winter. With outside conditions fogging your windows full time, keeping your glass surfaces clean is paramount. However, cleaning tinted windows is different. Here is a simple guide for washing them the right way.

Selecting a Cleaner

No matter which bottle you grab first, you should always buy a glass cleaner designed for tinted windows and ammonia-free.

Using the Glass Cleaning Product

washing car tinted windowsSpray the cleaner of your choice onto the tint. A light mist will be enough. Never spray the product right on the edges of the tint as it could get under the tint and cause it to pull away from the window. Instead, carefully clean the edges with a damp cloth.

Eliminating the Dirt

Using circular motions, wipe away the dirt, dust, and fingerprints with a soft, microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Final Steps

Dry the windows with a clean, soft cloth. Wipe in even motions until the surface is dry. Finally, visually inspect your tinted windows to check for streaks or dirt spots. If you missed anything, repeat the process but use a fresh side of the cloth to wipe the window.

More Tinted Window Cleaning Tips

professional car detailerBefore cleaning the windows, first, wash your car. Otherwise, you will end up re-dirting the windows. Also, bear in mind that windows are tinted on the inside. That means that the interior is where you need to pay extra attention to the product you use. Because window tint is a thin plastic film, it can be damaged by using the inadequate chemicals on it.

To play it safe, you can use a natural cleaner to make your windows streak-free and crystal clear.

If you desire to have your tinted windows expertly cleaned, visit Renew Mobile in Nashville, TN. Our professional car detailer will not only make your windows sparkle but the whole car. Check out our detailing services here.

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