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Most people don’t go around wondering what the difference is between an auto detail and a car wash until they get their first new car. Once you drive your dream car off the lot, you start to wonder if it deserves better than the local DIY car wash. And, you’re right. To prove it, we’re going to outline the main differences between an auto detail and a car wash.

Renew your vehicle with auto detailing
A car wash will clean the outside. An auto detailing will completely renew your vehicle.

The Best Care for Your New Car

We all know the feeling of buying something new and keeping it looking as such for as long as possible. Remember the first time you bought yourself a piece of designer clothing and thought “this deserves to be dry cleaned”? That is precisely the thinking that you should have when it comes to your new ride. Upgrading your car maintenance routine from car wash to auto detailing is the best care you can give to your vehicle.

Washing Vs. Detailing

A car wash is something you do when the local high school has a fundraising car wash. Sure, it’s going to take most of the dirt and make your car look a little cleaner, but, it’s only on the surface. It’s the difference between washing yourself at the sink in the morning with generic hand soap and taking a long hot bath with an exfoliating sponge and delicious bath products.

Of course, even that scenario doesn’t do a car detailing justice. For that scene to work, you’d have to get out of your bath and then be greeted by someone drying and styling your hair, trimming your beard, cutting your toenails, plucking your eyebrows, and brushing your teeth. But, we’re getting a little off track, here. What we’re trying to say is that an auto detail is like a car wash on steroids.

Deep Clean Your Car

Premium auto detailing service in Nashville
Auto detailing will deep clean, condition, and renew your vehicle inside and out.

When you have your car detailed, you get a deep cleaning of your vehicle, inside and out. It will be washed, buffed, waxed, and conditioned. A car wash will clean and dry, and maybe run a wet cloth over the interior. Detailing will dig deep to remove stains, dirt, grease, and grime.

Auto detailing will find and remove every stain, and every sesame seed in hard to reach places. An auto detail will also get out the invisible stains, you know, the ones that smell. An auto detail will keep your car looking, smelling, and feeling new.

High-End Auto Detailing Services in Nashville

Renew Mobile Detailing will come to you to detail your car anywhere in the Nashville area. We’ll bring the best tools in the trade to give your vehicle the care it deserves. We’ve got several packages from Basic Detailing, Premium Detailing, and Monthly Services. Start your new car off right, and make regular detailing services a part of your auto care routine!

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