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Our premium detail service gives your car an inside out, top to bottom cleaning, as well as a clay bar treatment. Millions of tiny particles and contaminants come into contact with your vehicle every day. A clay bar treatment is an efficient and safe method to remove these contaminants and protect the value and integrity of your vehicle.

What is a clay bar treatment

Clay bar treatment Nashville
The clay bar treatment is a gentle and effective way to remove all contaminants from the surface of your vehicle.

Using clay is a new method of gently, but effectively, removing dangerous contaminants from your vehicle. Most of the contaminants that you come in contact with every day on the road can build up and slowly eat away at the surface of your car. City living can be tough on your car. Industrial pollution, dust, and dirt are threatening your car every day. Country living comes with a few dangers, as well. Tree sap is incredibly adept at sticking to and penetrating, the surface of your vehicle, and is hard to remove. Running a clay bar over the surface of your vehicle will remove all of these contaminants.

How it works

The trick to removing all the bad stuff from the surface of your car, is to do so without doing any damage. It’s like removing a red wine stain from the couch. You don’t want to scrub and scrub because you’ll end up damaging the material, and spread out the stain. Instead, you want to use as little pressure as possible, gently lifting off the stain. When you use a clay bar, the contaminants will stick to the clay without much effort on your part, gently removing all the bad stuff. If you are doing this yourself, make sure that you’re using a lubricant or spray that will prevent any debris, glass, or rocks from scratching your car when you roll the clay bar over each section.

Won’t remove scratches and rust spots

Clay bar treatment
We use quality products to detail your car inside and out.

If pollutants have already scratched or damaged the surface of your vehicle, a clay bar treatment will not fix the damage. But, if you want to fix any damage to the surface of your car, the first step is to completely clean and remove any damaging components from your vehicle. A clay bar treatment will get your car ready to have anything else on the surface fixed.

Premium detail with clay bar treatment in Nashville

Our premium auto detail includes carpet shampoo, spot treatment, leather cleaning/treatment, thorough vacuuming, full cleaning of dashboard, cup holders, instrument panel, all door panels, headliner, windows, hand wash, clay bar treatment, exterior trim conditioning, wax application, detail wheels, shine tires, and wash windows. We’ll come to you, anywhere in the greater Nashville area, and give your vehicle the detailing it deserves.

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