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For many of our customers, dogs are part of their family and taking them for a ride or even for a family activity during a weekend its a must. But, when it comes to taking your furry friend inside your car, no matter how hard you try, it will leave behind hair on the seats, floor, and other areas of your vehicle. Today we want to give you some simple steps to remove your dog hair from your car.

3 Steps to Clean Your Car After You Go for a Ride with Your Dog

Start With the Easy Access Areas

The best way to start cleaning your vehicle interior and remove dog hair is to start with the easy to reach areas of the vehicle like seats and floors, so when you go to the hardest parts to reach the hair that was on the easy areas won’t fall to the harder to reach places. To do so, we recommend using an air compressor and a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dog hair.

Continue with the Hard Access Areas

Now its time for the hardest to reach parts.  To do so, get yourself a pet brush to help you reach the difficult areas without causing any harm to your vehicle components. When you are done, make sure to vacuum to get rid of all the hair from the inside of your car.

Clean Your Vehicle Interior as You Normally Do

When you are finished with step one and two, clean your car interior as you normally do, make sure to use specialized products for cleaning and detailing your car, so you don´t cause any damage.

Go for a Ride with Your Dog

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