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A major sales point for detailing companies is our ability to make your vehicle shine. However, with the cool new trend in matte auto finishes, we get a lot of customers who want us to perform magic on their vehicles but hold the shine. And we’re happy to oblige. You can trust us to detail your car without compromising the matte finish.

Protecting the finish of your vehicle

Frosted, not shiny

A matte finish can still make your car sparkle. The matte effect makes your car feel like it’s been frosted, giving it a tough and fashionable effect. However, when you detail a car with a matte finish, you can’t treat it the same way as a glossy vehicle. But, that’s what detailing is all about, paying attention to these little details to renew your vehicle, while preserving the design that makes your vehicle special.

Detailing matte finish vehicles Nashville
We know how to maintain the matte finish when we detail your vehicles.

Detailing matte finish

Different methods are used to ensure a premium quality detail for a vehicle with a matte finish.  Some methods are used on all vehicles, like hand-washing with soft and gentle materials to avoid scratching or damaging the paint job. However, with a matte finish, you can’t use a traditional wax finish.

What makes the finish matte?

The reason we use wax on cars that are meant to shine is that wax acts as a sealant, filling up little imperfections on the surface of your vehicle. The more even the surface, the shinier it will be, so with a matte finish, you want to avoid creating a smooth and even surface. The matte effect comes from a perfectly imperfect surface that diffuses light sources, creating a non-reflective surface, or a matte finish.

The beauty of a matte finish

Besides looking super sleek, the matte finish has a few bonus advantages. A matte finish will hide scratches, fingerprints, and swirls better than a glossy finish. However, our detailing service will remove every spot of dirt, dust, or smudge for the ultimate clean.

Renew Mobile Detailing uses state of the art equipment and products to detail your matte finish vehicle. We come to you, and take special care to protect and maintain the beauty of your vehicle, inside and out. We travel anywhere in the greater Nashville area.

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