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All cars are special, and we take extreme care to pay attention to every little detail. However, detailing a classic car requires a little extra care. You can trust us with your most prized possession, and we’ll use the best methods in the industry to make her shine.

Detailing classic cars
Detailing your classic car, we will protect the original parts and paint.

Detailing a classic car

A classic car deserves special attention to detail. One of the main concerns with detailing a classic car is to protect the original details, materials, paint, and parts. We will take special care to use the right products, and a gentle touch to renew your classic car.

Bringing your classic out of storage

Classic cars are also not daily drives but kept in storage until it’s time to bring them out and show them off. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to all the nooks and crannies that could have collected dust, or come into contact with moisture. Although many take care to properly store their classic in a controlled environment, you still want to thoroughly check it to make sure that there isn’t any mold or mildew developing. If your classic has gotten a little damp while in storage, you want to remove all signs of mold and musty odors.

Protecting classic details

Detailing Classic Cars
Peace Out! in style with a premium detail for your classic VW.

The materials used in a classic car needs special attention. You want to take care to use the right products and materials to not damage classic details, like the delicate leather interiors or the classic chrome parts. The materials used in classic cars need to be cleaned using specialty products so as not to cause any damage but gently lift any stains, smudges, dust, dirt, or grease.

Keep your classic looking like new

Detailing a classic regularly will maintain the physical and aesthetic details of a classic car, keeping it in mint condition. Your classic shouldn’t show its age, so it is important to carefully protect the original paint, parts, and all the features that add more value – both resale and personal – to your classic.

Renew Mobile Detail knows how to detail your classic vehicle, maintaining all of its beauty. We bring all the gear and products – including the water – to you, renewing your classic inside and out.

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