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The dirtier your windshield, the more hazardous it is to drive. We almost can’t believe we’re saying this, but, being able to see is a huge part of being a responsible driver. Nashville is no stranger to dust and sunshine. And, the combination of dust on your windshield and a few rays of sunshine can make for very dangerous driving conditions.

Dust reduces visibility

Dirty windshield is dangerous
Dust on your windshield creates a dangerous glare.

A thin layer of dust on your windshield seems harmless at first. In fact, you may not even realize how much dust is on your windshield until you have problems with your visibility. But, people also ignore splattered bugs or mud. We think that as long as the area where the wipers clean is clear, then the rest of the windshield can be dirty. This is a mistake. For ideal vision, and safer driving conditions, your windshield should be cleaned regularly, inside and out.

Dust increases glare

The problem with dust is that it increases the glare from the sun, as well as, oncoming headlights. Although seemingly invisible, the thin layer of dust on your windshield will catch in the sunlight, creating intense glare. Suddenly losing your visibility due to dust and sunshine can be very dangerous.

Dust creates more fog

The glare created by dust and light makes for dangerous driving conditions. But, a dusty windshield is also more likely to fog up and reduce your visibility. In foggy driving conditions, dust particles make it easier for the moisture in the air to hang on. This is why a dirty windshield will fog up faster than a clean windshield.

Dirt and bugs can decrease visibility

Improve driver safety
Dust on your windshield makes the window fog up more quickly than a clean windshield.

Many of us mistakenly ignore bug splatters or dirt on parts of the windshield that can’t be wiped by the wipers. We assume that if the windshield wiper section is clean, that’s all the visibility we need. But, the cleaner your entire windshield, the more visibility you have. And, the better you can see, the better for everyone. Even the slightest reduction in visibility can create hazardous driving conditions.

Grease inside the windshield

The inside of your windshield is full of grease and dust. You’d be amazed at how many fingerprints you get on the inside of your windshield. You think you don’t touch the window, but any time you see a piece of dirt, chances are you wipe it off with your hand or fingers, leaving behind a streak of grease. And, other dirt particles inside your vehicle inevitably end up on your windshield. Grit and dirt inside the car will also cause excess glare and reduced visibility.

Regular detailing and wash services not only protect the condition and the resale value of your vehicle, but they also keep you safe on the road. Renew Mobile Detailing brings the shop to you. Using our mobile auto detailing service, you can get your car detailed at your most convenient time and location anywhere in the Nashville area. Remove all dust, dirt, grease, debris, and bugs from your windshield, mirrors, and windows to improve your visibility on the road.

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