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No one wants to choose between their car and their dog, but the amount of fur and pawprints left all over your nice upholstered interior can drive dog parents crazy. Since you don’t have time to vacuum your car every time you’ve driven with your dog, all that fur quickly adds up. We can get rid of all that fur that’s caught up in your upholstery, carpet, and headliners and make your car feel like a brand new vehicle.

Mobile Detailing Service in Nashville

How much do dogs shed?

Some dogs shed more than others. Big dogs are going to leave behind more hair than a tiny dog, but some small dogs are also big shedders. Some dogs shed seasonally, others shed all year round. Most people believe that dogs will only shed in the springtime when they’re getting rid of their thick winter coat, but seasonal shedders will also shed in the wintertime. The spring coat is thinner and cooler. When winter rolls around they don’t just add more fur, they shed the lighter coat allowing for a thicker coat with more insulation to grow and protect them from the colder winter temperatures. Once spring rolls around, the winter coat is shed and the new spring coat is grown.

Getting rid of dog hair

All dog owners know the feeling of going to wipe down the seats after the dog has been sitting there, only to look around and realize that there is hair everywhere! Don’t despair, you don’t have to resign to a life with furry seat covers, and you don’t have to take extra time out of your day to drop your car off at the cleaners. All you have to do is call Renew Mobile Detail, let us know where you are and what time you want us to show up and we’ll be on your doorstep, ready to detail every inch of the interior, getting rid of every dog hair in your seats, carpet, and headliner. While we’re at it, we’ll detail the exterior of your vehicle, as well.

Getting rid of dog hair

We’re like auto magicians, we can make all signs of your dog disappear, and we’ll use products that will clean and condition every surface and material. Our detail services will completely renew your car, no matter how much and how often your dog sheds.

Odor removal

With every hair that is shed a little odor will follow. Even a well-groomed dog will shed and smell, and eventually, the hair and odors will start to take over. An ozone treatment will completely remove all odors from your car, whether they’re from your dog, your smoker friends, or that lost apple wedge that rolled under the seat.

Renew Mobile Detail will come to you any time, anywhere in the greater Nashville area.

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