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A car is often the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive. Moisture damage in a car can happen for many reasons. Frequently, you won’t notice that mold has been growing until that telltale musty smell. It’s important to remove mold and mildew from your car as soon as you realize that it’s there. Not only can it damage the interior of your car and ruin the upholstery, carpeting, and other surfaces but it can also cause health risks.

Water damage in your vehicle

Mold and mildew removal
Dirt can trap moisture and cause a perfect environment for mold and mildew.

A rogue rainstorm and an open window are one of the most common reasons for a car to get water damage and mold. It doesn’t take a lot of water for mold to grow, and often times we are not aware that we have tracked or invited water into our car. Other times, we realize that our front seat got wet in that rainstorm, but we just don’t have time right now, so we drive on without taking the time to properly dry the seat and the carpet. When you get home, you diligently remember to close all the windows and you head inside.

Ironically, cleaning the interior of your vehicle can also create an avenue for mold and mildew. If you’ve used a damp cloth with some white vinegar to wipe off a bit of mildew but forget to properly dry off all of the surfaces in your car, your mold and mildew removing efforts could lead to all new mold and mildew problems. Putting back your rubber mats that are still slightly damp can easily trap moisture and create the perfect environment for mold and mildew.

How mold grows

If you leave your seats and carpet damp and then close up your car for the night, all you’re doing is giving mold the perfect climate to grow and thrive. Mold loves a moist, hot, and closed environment. If you have a carport or garage, leave a window cracked all night to allow plenty of air to circulate through to dry out your car. Closing the doors and windows on the problem will only make it bigger.

Transferring mold

Removing mold and mildew from car
We can remove mold and mildew and renew your interior.

If you are transporting plants or wooden materials that may be carrying mold bacteria, those bacteria can easily transfer mold to your vehicle. So, even if you know that your vehicle didn’t come into prolonged contact with moisture, there are ways for mold to get into your car. A trip to the nursery for some plants and greenery are common causes of the mold being brought into our car.

Health problems

If the mold is growing in a hard to reach, hard to see places in your vehicle, like the trunk, or under the rubber mats mold may be allowed to thrive for longer than it should. Mold doesn’t just cause visual damage to the upholstery and interior of your vehicle or really foul odors, mold can also cause health problems. People who are sensitive to mold may experience respiratory problems, coughing, wheezing, red eyes, and a stuffy nose.

Mold Removal

When we detail your vehicle, not only will we get rid of all signs of mold – including the odors – but we make sure to completely dry your vehicle inside and out so that no mold will be tempted to grow. Sometimes, the very act of cleaning the interior of your vehicle will lead to mold because you don’t take the time to properly dry out your car. We will completely dry out your car, renewing the look and the smell of your car.

Renew Mobile Detailing is a mobile detailing company in Nashville. We can completely renew your vehicle inside and out, all on your schedule and your location.

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