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Vehicle wraps and decals are the most effective form of marketing and advertisement. They can attract thousands of impressions a day, and they can last for years, helping you solidify your place in a local market. But, when you’re ready to reclaim your vehicle, decals and wraps can easily be removed.

Reset your vehicle back to factory settings

Auto detailing and decal removal
We can safely remove your decals and renew your vehicle.

Removing a decal or wrap is like converting your vehicle back to factory settings. If you’ve had the decals and wraps professionally installed, they should have protected and preserved the original paint job underneath. However, you need to have someone professionally remove a decal so that you don’t damage the paint in the process.

Removing old decals

The older the decal, the harder it becomes to remove. The first step to removing a decal is to gently get under one of the corners, and then pull it off. However, with older vinyl, there’s a good chance that the decal is going to tear off in many different pieces, and each time you need to then gently get under the next part of the decal. It takes patience and the right tools. Decals and wraps act as protective shields for your original paint job, don’t ruin that by using the wrong tool or being impatient and scratching the paint.

Removing decal residue

Once the decal has been removed completely, you want to remove the residue left behind. Our premium detail will get rid off all traces of your vehicle wrap or commercial decals and completely renew your vehicle. It will be like it was when you brought it home from the lot, new car smell and all.

Auto detailing and decal removal in Nashville

Renew Mobile Detail saves you time and money driving to the shop to get your car detailed. Our mobile detailing crew will come to you at a time and place of your convenience. Choose from a variety of detail packages and luxury treatments to renew your vehicle inside and out.

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