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When you are trying to resell your car you want it to look its best. There are little tricks you can do to increase the sales value. Our premium detail service covers most of them, and then we have a few detailing additions to really impress potential buyers and get top dollar for your used vehicle.

Auto detailing Nashville
We come to you to detail your car at your convenience.

Reselling a vehicle

Although potential buyers are aware that your vehicle is used, you still want your vehicle to look as good as new. Little details go a long way to impress a buyer, and first impressions are everything. Before you put your car on the market, schedule a visit by Renew Mobile Detailing. We’ll come to you to give your car a premium detail, inside and out, to get your car ready to be inspected by picky customers.

Premium detail service

A premium detail service by Renew includes all the bells and whistles. When we’re done, you may rethink selling; it will look so good. We pull out all the stops:

  • Carpet shampoo
  • Spot treatment
  • Leather cleaning/treatment
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Full cleaning of dashboard
  • Cupholders
  • Instrument panel
  • Clay Bar Treatment Nashville
    Clay bar treatment is the best way to remove all dirt and contaminants from the surface of your vehicle.

    All door panels

  • Headliner
  • Windows
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Exterior trim conditioning
  • Wax application
  • Detail wheels
  • Shine tires
  • Wash windows

Detail add-ons

When you sell a house, there are the people who clean thoroughly inside and out, and then there are the people who go the extra mile and throw some cookie dough in the oven. Our luxury detailing add-on services are the equivalent of making your home smell like fresh baked cookies.

  • Ozone treatment to make your car smell fresh as daisies
  • Engine steam clean to make your engine shine
  • Headlight restoration to brighten the look of the whole vehicle

Renew Mobile Detail will detail your vehicle at your convenience at a location of your choice. We service the entire Nashville area. If you’re selling your vehicle, schedule a premium detail with all the add-ons.

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