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A clean car isn’t always as clean as you think. In fact, the dirtiest parts of your car may not even look dirty. Germs and bacteria are hiding in plain sight. Getting rid of germs and bacteria in your car requires an interior detailing. Detailing gets deep, removing germs and bacteria from hard-to-reach, and not-so-hard-to-reach places.

Removing germs and bacteria

Interiod detailing services Nashville
Interior detailing is the only way to rid your car of germs and bacteria.

Dirt is something you can see. If you can see it, you can clean it. But, what about all the tiny germs and bacteria? Your car may look clean, but in reality, germs and bacteria are hiding in obvious places. To remove germs and bacteria, you need more than a car wash. You need a detailing.

Germs and bacteria cause discomfort and health problems

It’s a little misleading to say that germs and bacteria are hiding because they are often found out in the open. They’re just too small for you to see. But, you may be able to feel them. Although most germs and bacteria won’t pose a severe health risk, there are so many germs in every car that you may start to feel general discomfort. If you’re wondering why you and your kids can’t seem to shake the common cold, it may be because you are harboring cold and flu bacteria in your car.

Fungus and mold

Food and drink particles left untreated in your car can get moldy, causing fungal particles to become airborne. Mold and fungus can cause serious health problems. But, the only way to get rid of the fungus in your car is with a superior detailing.

Where bacteria hide

Mobile detailing services Nashville
The steering wheel, gear shift, and dashboard are riddled with bacteria and germs.

The most common hiding places for germs and bacteria in your car are:

  • The steering wheel
  • The gear shift
  • Dashboard
  • Visors
  • Door handles
  • Trunk

Everything that you touch on a regular basis is covered in germs and bacteria. And, you’re probably transferring them in and out of your car on a regular basis. Even if you meticulously wash and disinfect your hands, your car is still going to be full of bacteria and germs.

Renew Mobile Detailing provides interior and exterior superior detailing services. Our superior detailing service includes the best auto treatments to clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle, along with bacteria and germs. Our attention to detail and superior detailing service is why we are one of the best mobile detailing companies in Nashville.

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