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Some say it’s good luck when a bird poops on you. Maybe the birds know something we don’t, and maybe there are good things to come because of that poop. Maybe. We’ll never really know for sure. But, one thing we know for sure is that bird poop can damage your paint job.

Why bird poop is damaging to your car

How bird poop damages car paint
Clean off bird poop immediately before it damages the paint.

When you take pride in your car, you always want it to look great. But, nothing ruins the feeling of a clean car like having a bird poop on it. If you’re quick, you can clean off that poop immediately and drive off in a clean car feeling good about yourself. However, we aren’t all carrying around something to wipe off the poop. That means that many curse the name of the bird, and swear we’re going to remove the poop as soon as we get home. But, by the time we get home, we get distracted. Before you know it, the poop has hardened and is harder to get off. And, when you do get it off, it’s left an unsightly dull patch, or eaten through the clear protective coat and damaged the paint job underneath.

Bird poop is acidic

Besides being unsightly, bird poop is acidic. The longer you leave it on your car, the more time it will have to eat through the top coat of your paint job. And, it only takes a few days for the damage to be done. So, if and when you get hit by droppings from the sky, act quickly before the bird poop ruins your paint job.

Auto dealers and rental companies

If you run a dealership or rental business, you need to be proactive in cleaning off bird poop immediately. First of all, no one wants to buy a car that has poop all over it, that goes without saying. But, you will also lose money if you aren’t careful. Ruining the paint job of one car because you left bird poop untreated is one thing, but ruining a whole fleet will lose you money in repairs, or by decreasing the value of your vehicles. Protect your product and your profits by cleaning off bird poop from your fleet.

Clay Bar Treatment Nashville
Clay bar treatment safely removes all foreign objects from your car.

Clay bar treatment

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply wash the poop off of your car. Sometimes debris and tiny bits of gravel is stuck in the poop and can cause additional damage to your car. A clay bar treatment with your detailing service will do a deep clean, removing any tiny particles that may be stuck in the paint.

Renew Mobile Detailing will come to you at your convenience. We bring our mobile detailing shop to your home, business, dealership, garage, or parking lot. Our professional detailing staff and high-tech equipment allows us to renew your car inside and out using very little water, and only the best products for your interior and exterior surfaces.

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