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One of the hardest problems to tackle for a used car dealership is how to get your vehicles properly detailed and ready to sell. Although reliability and fuel economy is high on the list for potential buyers, a used car needs to look, feel, and smell like a new car. Only a superior detailing service can do that. On-site auto detailing is the most cost-effective and time-saving solution for auto dealers and auto resellers.

On-site premium detailing service Nashville
Get the best price for used cars with on-site premium detailing from Renew Mobile Detail.

Solving the detailing problem for used car dealerships

Having space to detail your vehicles is often the biggest problems that used car dealerships face. Not every dealer has the room to put in a car wash bay. However, auto detailing is a big part of the business. How the car is presented to buyers can add or detract from the value of the car. If you work with a mobile auto detailing company in your area, you can save yourself both time, space, and money. Work with a reputable auto detailing company that has the right credentials, skills, and experience to help you increase the value of your vehicles.

On-site auto detailing in Nashville

Renew Mobile Detailing can help raise the value of your vehicles with superior detailing. Not only do we come to you to detail your vehicles on-site, but we bring all of our own equipment. We won’t need extra space to detail your vehicles, we can wash them right in the lot. And, with our equipment and meticulous attention to detail, we can detail one vehicle in the lot without getting all of the surrounding vehicles wet in the process.

Superior detailing for used car dealerships

On-site detailing service NashvilleWe’ve been detailing cars, trucks, and SUVs all over Nashville. We have the skills, the gear, and the experience to completely renew a used vehicle and make it look, feel, and smell like a new car. We will pay special attention to problem areas, using the right product for each material, as well as, the latest luxury treatments to renew used cars inside and out.

Renew Mobile Detailing is a mobile detailing company servicing the greater Nashville area. With our premium detailing service, we can help you look good in front of clients and get you a premium price when re-selling vehicles.

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