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More than 14,000,000 people traveled in and out of Nashville International, and all of those people had to find transportation to and from the airport. That means that your high capacity vehicles, your airport shuttle vans, and your Lyfts are seeing a lot of action. Get your passenger vehicles properly detailed and erase all traces of previous riders so that new riders can ride in comfort and style.

Detailing high capacity vehicles

Whether you use your daily driver to shuttle people to the airport, or you are in the hospitality industry, your airport shuttle is going to see a lot of traffic, inside and out. You’ll see and smell a lot of different people, and some of those people will have kids with them. Once you throw kids into the mix, you also have to account for everything that goes with it, like snacks and juice, which turns into crumbs and sticky stains. Regular detailing is the only way to remove any traces of past clients and leave your vehicle spotless and odorless.Detailing passenger trasportation vehicles

Removing stains and odors

One of your main priorities in the service industry is making your client feel good. When you are freshly showered with clean clothes and ready to go to the airport, you don’t want to get into a dirty vehicle. Keeping the interior spotless and odorless is going to make a huge impact on your clients. On the other end, when your clients are getting off a stuffy plane after a long flight, you want to provide a clean and comfortable shuttle to take them to their final destination. Make sure your vehicle is stain free and a breath of fresh, odorless air when you pick up your clients from the airport.

Protect your vehicle wraps

Many airport shuttles will be wrapped to stand out and clearly market their shuttle or hospitality service. Detailing the exterior of your vehicle will protect your wrap and increase the positive impressions which can lead to more business. You also want to make your vehicle stand out at the airport so that your clients can clearly see you coming. Make sure you get your vehicle detailed by someone who knows how to protect your vehicle wrap or decals.

Mobile detailing services saves you time

Running an airport shuttle means that you are always on the go. Taking your shuttles out of rotation can be costly. At Renew, we come to you so your vehicle won’t be out of rotation for long. We can detail it inside and out at a location and time that is most convenient for you. As soon as we finish and you approve our work, your airport shuttles, rideshare vehicles, and high capacity vans are ready to pick up and drop off more passengers.

Do you have a large capacity vehicle you use to transport a high number of clients? Keep it looking new with Renew Mobile Detailing services. All on your time and location!

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