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Driving in the city means that you will be driving through construction zones and road work areas all the time. Driving through a construction zone can leave your vehicle vulnerable to all sorts of damage. Here’s how you can protect your vehicle from potentially damaging debris, chemicals, and road tar that can leave your car looking a bit worse for wear.

Construction zone dangers

Remove road tar from carWhen you drive through a construction zone there is a bigger potential for debris or chemicals to come into contact with your car. Loose construction materials, tiny rocks, and other debris are more likely to come flying through the air and land on our car. Some things will become lodged, and can cause dings and scratches. Other things, like asphalt and tar that spray up from the road and stick to your car, can be a total nightmare to remove. If you don’t do it right, you may end up damaging the paint job.

Removing construction debris

Our premium detail comes with a clay bar treatment that is the most gentle and effective way to remove construction debris without causing damage. A protective coat of wax will further protect your vehicle, allowing your vehicle to repel flying construction debris when you have to drive through a construction zone.

Removing road tar and asphalt

Having the roads resurfaced in the city (or anywhere) means a smooth ride for all drivers. However, if you happen to drive over a newly resurfaced road you’ll probably end up with a lot of unsightly and damaging asphalt and tar stuck to your vehicle. These can be almost impossible to remove, especially if it is allowed to sit there for a while. To protect the exterior surfaces of your vehicle you need to use tough, but gentle methods to remove road tar and asphalt. You never want to use force or be abrasive. We can remove road tar and asphalt and make your car look like it’s ready to roll down the red carpet or be the star at an auto show.

Premium detailing service in Nashville

Remove road tar from vehicle
Superior exterior detailing services will safely remove road tar and construction debris from your vehicle.

If you spend a lot of time near construction zones, make sure to detail your vehicle regularly. If debris is left too long it can become more and more lodged in the protective coating of your vehicle causing more and more damage. By regularly detailing your vehicle, removing debris and making sure that your wax coating isn’t getting too old, you can drive through construction zones all day long and still keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

Renew Mobile Detailing uses superior equipment and products to remove all types of dirt and debris. We are 100% mobile and will come to your home, work, or place of convenience to renew your vehicle, including the safe removal of road tar.

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