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Whether you’re taking your vehicle to a show or you just want to show off for friends and family, small details can detract from the appeal of your vehicle. Detailing your wheels is one of those details that we include in all of our packages. If you don’t spend time detailing the wheels, they will stick out like sore thumbs next to the shine of a fully renewed vehicle.

Benefits of detailing the wheels

Detailing wheels on carDetailing the wheels will increase safety, longevity, and the value of the vehicle. Taking care of your car isn’t just about personal vanity, it’s about protecting your investment. Even a daily driver deserves to be pampered and detailed. In fact, the more you drive your vehicle, the more you need to protect the tires to ensure that they keep working for you, not against you.

Protecting your wheels

Detailing the wheels will protect them from wear and tear. During the life of a car, the wheels see a lot of action. All the elements that your wheels may encounter from the road, the atmosphere, and from your brakes and engine, can have negative effects. You can reduce these effects with regular detailing.

Improve safety

Mobile detailing in NashvilleIf you don’t take care of the wheels on your vehicle you are reducing your safety. No cleaning off all the gunk that they pick up on the road can lead to cracking and corrosion. Brake dust is particularly damaging, which is ironic because the brakes are part of what’s keeping you safe. Brake dust is made up of a mixture of carbon fibers and adhesive, and when this is exposed to the high temperatures and friction created by your wheels, this can lead to serious corrosion. If you drive your car frequently you are frequently producing brake dust. Be sure to detail your wheels to reduce the damage caused by brake dust.

Renew Mobile Detailing is one of the best mobile detailing companies in Nashville. All of our detailing packages include wheel detailing to increase the beauty, safety, and value of your vehicle. We make detailing your vehicles easy by coming to your home, business, or wherever you are. Schedule a visit from our detailing crew and renew your vehicle.

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