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It happens so slowly you barely even notice that it’s happening. One day, after one of your regular detailing services you notice that next to the shiny and clean exterior, your headlights are looking a little worse for wear. While the rest of your car is looking renewed and fresh off of the lot, your headlights are looking a little sad. There are a lot of environmental factors that cause your headlights to become yellow and dull, and thankfully, there’s also an easy fix.What causes headlights to turn yellow

Why do headlights turn yellow?

Headlights are the unsung heroes of your vehicle. Sure, you are happy they’re there when you drive at night but other than that you probably don’t think or talk about your headlights. They are steady soldiers, doing their job quietly and without drawing too much attention. When they start to fade, they won’t complain like other mechanical parts of your car. However, just because they are suffering in silence doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering. Constant exposure to the elements will eventually start to show, and it can affect certain aspects of performance and your safety.

On the front lines

As you zoom down the highway, your headlights will get the first wave of debris, dirt, dust, liquids, oils, and other elements that are in our environment. We’ve all seen Game of Thrones; we know what happens to the people in the front, even if you survive you won’t come out unscathed. Every time you drive, the elements are slowly chipping away at your headlights, eventually causing them to become dull and yellow.

Defense against the elements

Headlight restoration NashvilleManufacturers are aware of the challenges that headlights will face, so they have given them protective armor to help fight the elements. The hard plastic, covered in a clear protective coat can take quite a beating before any damage begins to show. However, they can only fight off the elements for so long. Eventually, they will need backup if they’re going to survive. Some headlights even have UV protection, as the sun is one of the biggest factors in discoloration and yellowing headlights. The thing about UV protection, though, is that you have to reapply. Even the hardest plastic with UV protection and a clear coat of armor will eventually crack under the constant pressure from the sun, salt, oil, dirt, pollution, rain, road tar, etc.

Headlight restoration in Nashville

Don’t leave your headlights to fight the battle alone. Let Renew Mobile Detailing swoop in and restore your headlights. We work around your location and your schedule. When we’re done, your headlights will be bold and bright. We guarantee your headlights will pass inspection.

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